Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Secret Sister Shoebox Swap Results

During this swap, I had two wonderful partners. This first set of pics is from Cathie. Thank you Cathie, love it all. She did a fantastic job. There was even an apple scented Cullen Crest in the box which smelled so good. I wasn't sure what it was at first and everything was great. She made a wonderful Keepsake box for me. Here it comes:


  1. wow how do I keep missing all these really cool swaps. Your partner was pretty good to you. Love the I heart Vamps title.

  2. BridgetL: DonnaScheenes on the Cricut board is hosting a Fire and Ice Twilight Recipe Book Swap,not sure if she has more room but its worth a try. Sometimes I forget to post the Twi stuff on this blog and put it on the other which is: also, if you want you can pm me on the board or email me and I can try to keep you in the loop. I have another Twi Swap with a Twist that I want to open up in a few months perhaps closer to Eclipse DVD release.